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Most probably you know that the best wine in the world is coming from Bordeaux, France but what about Italy,  Georgia, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Moldavia, South Africa, Australia or any other countries with very large vineyards in this world?
Today we will keep open the Italian chapter and we will give you some hints about the best vineyards in Italy.



Italy is in fact among the oldest wine-producing nations worldwide.


Italians are known to consume more wine than other nationalities worldwide probably due to the high quality of wines from Italy vineyards. The doctor is saying that a glass of wine per day is increasing the quality of life! It is this the reason that they are the longest-lived Europeans?

Anyway, let’s go back to our Italian vineyard.

There are 20 Italian vineyards and wine regions, each with its own distinct flavor. These regions are popular destinations for visitors interested in Italy wine tours. If you are looking for the best wine tours in Italy, here is a list of top 15 Italy vineyards to start you off:

Ca’del Bosco – Located in Erbusco, Franciacorta, the Ca’del Bosco winery was established in the 1960s by Annamaria Clementi Zanella.

Barone di Villagrande wine farm
Lying on the slopes of Mt. Etna in Sicily, the Barone di Villagrande vineyard was established in 1727. Today these lands are known for production of great wines like the sun dried grapes ‘passito’ wine known as Malaysia delle Lipari. Check their website to see when you can book you wine tour.

Vietti wines are popular products of the Barolo region. The wines are produced from the Castiglione Falletto vineyards in Barolo. They are doing wine tour as well.

Tezza Winegrowers
Located in Valpatena between the Lessina mountains and Verona is a fine example of well tended Italian vineyards.The family vineyard is run by cousins Vanio, Flavio, and Federico Tezza. Since its establishment in 1960 by Giovanni and Virginia Tezza, the vineyard is still one of the best wineries in Italy.

Massimago Winery
Massimago is one of the famous vineyards in Italy located at Mezzane di Sotto Verona in Valpolicella and define itself as “a wine company in an all feminine way”. It is efficiently run by Camilla Rossi, the owner and creator.Their fresh and innovative wine philosophy distinguish them among the others Valpolicella producers. In addition to the production of high quality wine, their services include wine tasting, and provision of facilities for sports, pic-nics, meetings or any special events. It is a must to visit the winery and the wine relais to better understand Camilla’s team energy and creativity.

The Cerreto region in Alba (Piedmont) is famous for white and red wines, rolling estates of Vineyards, and modern wineries. The Ceretto family has in over 2 years maintained one of the best wineries in Italy. You can have a wine tasting here every day of the week

This vineyard is located in the heart of Chianti – Tuscany. As you already know Chianti the wine from Chianti is very famous. Vignamaggio is one of the best Tuscany vineyards to visit. Its centre of attraction is the renovated Renaissance villa with comfortable accommodation facilities. It is a great stop for wine tasting in Tuscany tours.

Founded in the 1990s by the Planeta family, the wine estate of Planeta is considered as a fine wine empire in Sicily. Planeta is also involved in the arts where it runs a project known as Men and Places (Uomini e Luoghi). It is a great vineyard to stop for a wine tours.

Tenuta San Guido
Located along the Tyrrhenian coast in Maremma, this vineyard is a great place for wine tasting in Tuscany. It is named after the 11th century Saint Guido della Gherardesca. The vineyard’s DOC Bolgheria Sassicaia wine, a stud farm of thoroughbreds, and a Bird Sanctuary makes it one of the best Tuscany vineyards to visit.

Biondi Santi
Located in Montalcino, the Biondi Santi is a family run estate made famous by its inaugural brand the Biondi-Santi Brunello di Montalcino. The estate has achieved prestigious acknowledgements such as the ranking of its Montalcino Biondi Santi Reserve 1955 in the list of the best 20th century wines by the Wine Spectator magazine.

Castiglion del Bosco
Another famous vineyard in Tuscany is The Castiglion del Bosco. This is located in Montepulciano. It is a beautiful 2,000 hectares estate covered by oak, beech, and over 62 hectares of vineyards. The estate is an exclusive wine club which reserves special benefits to its members and promotes interesting Italy wine tours.

Borgogno Serio Battista
Located in Barolo, in Piedmont, this family run estate was established by Francesco Borgogno who once served as the Mayor of Barolo for 30 years. The business is currently run by his sons Serio and Battista and grandson Ludovico. As they have a a cantina open for wine tasting only during the weekend, we strongly recommend you to book you wine tasting in advance.

Marchesi di Barolo
The Marchesi di Barolo wine cellars are found near the Castle of Marquis Falleti in the city of Barolo. The wine cellars tell a story spanning over 200 years about the Langhe region’s wine tradition. It is run today by the Abbona family. They provide a great tours for wine lovers from all over the world.

Cantina Scacciadiavoli
Or translated as ‘cast out of the devil’, the Scacciadiavoli’s name comes from the 19th-century famous exorcist who used wine to cast out demons. Prince Piombino has established this place in 1884. The place is owned today by Pambuffetti family.

Vini di Filippo
This winery is located in Umbria and is covering more than 30 hectares of vineyard. The vineyard owners, Emma and Roberto di Filippo, provide guided tours which include wine tasting activities, and exports its biologic wine all over the world. You can buy from here both white and red wine, but also rosè wine and raisin wine. We strongly recommend you to book in advance your wine tour as they are very busy.